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Welcome to Counterman Pro for Windows, a true Point of Sale, Dealer Management Software, developed for the motorcycle industry by Santa Maria Software, Inc.

Using a “real-time” environment, Counterman Pro can help you achieve success in all departments of your retail and/or service shop. Santa Maria Software has been very successful within the industry after releasing the original DOS program in 1988. Following the release of Counterman Pro during February, 2002, we have continued to deliver an extremely powerful PowerSports business software program at an affordable price.

Incorporating the technology of Microsoft™ Visual FoxPro™ programming language, Santa Maria Software has gone well beyond the limitations of our original DOS based predecessor.The main focus behind the software has been, and will continue to be, centered around “profit margin” by providing the tools that allow the user to better understand their business and increase their profit margin.

The result, of course, is making money while doing something we all love, working with motorcycles!

Santa Maria Software listens to our customers and have continued to implement numerous enhancements which which were suggested by our customers! This software is primarily an inventory control, point-of-sale program and provides “what you see is what you get” by using “real-time” information. Because of this approach Counterman Pro provides up-to-the-minute, valid information, allowing you to make the correct decisions needed for your business.

Counterman Pro was initially designed by a motorcyclke dealer for dealers. The software was intended initially for motorcycle and power sports service and retail shops. There are now numerous Counterman PRO customers throughout the United States and Canada, currently enjoying the numerous features the software has to offer.

Counterman Pro is packed full of the high quality features that can help you to put the "fun" back into your business. After all, that's why you started doing this type of work in the first place, isn't it?

Introducing Vance

"Hi!, I'm Vance. I developed Counterman Software because I wanted to take a lot of the work out of running my motorcycle shop and put the fun back in!

I needed a program to work without a lot of time consuming data entry and wanted it to provide me with the answers to make good business decisions. It is a business tool for your shop that simplifies many of the processes that can be addressed with a computer."

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