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Great mechanics, doctors, and trade professionals alike, will all agree: It is essential to have the absolute best "tools" available to accomplish the job you have set out to do. Here at Counterman, it is our goal to put YOU, in total control of your business by providing you with the "precision tools" necessary to allow your business to operate at "full potential".

Think of CountermanPro as a "Tool Box", full of the high quality tools you need to "fine-tune" your business. We will help you to control your inventory, take the guesswork out of "price margins" and "purchase orders", and help you to quickly locate the item(s) your customers desire, at the best possible price. Listed below are just a few of the many tools that are included in the CountermanPro "Tool Box":

Simple Invoicing & Special Orders
Easy Service Repair Orders
Accounts Receivables/Payables
Customizable Reports
Inventory Control
Part Number Cross-Referencing of Realated Items
Manageable Purchase Orders
64-bit Compatible
Fast and Friendly Technical Support!
System Requirements

Simple Invoicing & Special Orders

CountermanPro handles your P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) invoicing with ease and accuracy. Whether it is a regular cash sale, special order, or lay-away CountermanPro will take the guesswork out of your day-to-day customer transactions. All of the necessary updates are made to the customer's account, as CountermanPro will keep track of all sales to each and every customer for you. In addition to handling their account balances, special orders, discounts, current and Year To Date purchases, etc.
And you can always run the history on any chosen customer at any time, to see what they have purchased from your store! The inventory is automatically adjusted and special ordered items are automatically put on the re-order list for you. When any special ordered items are received, they are automatically sent to that customer's record, so when he returns to your store, that item comes up on the screen as soon as you bring up his name! CountermanPro helps your employees by making much more difficult to make errors when processing a transaction or any type of invoicing. (Back to top)

Easy Service Repair & Warranty Work Orders

That's right! Just as simply as starting a counter invoice, you can start a service repair or warranty work order! Counterman's ability to handle standard service repair and warranty repair work orders will provide you with the tools necessary to help keep your mechanics effeciency ratings up and keep your profits where you want them to be. When a motorcycle comes in for repair, Counterman can handle most of the details for you. This is not a "module", as some software competitors call it (and charge an additional price for it!). Counterman's ability to handle service orders was added years ago, in an effort to enhance the "hand written" repair order that is required by law. Thus allowing you to effectively track your customers service and warranty repair history. No one wants their mechanics fumbling on a computer when they can be turning wrenches and making you money! Counterman will help you take the hassle out of service repair and warranty repair work orders! (Back to top)

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Counterman provides you with the needed tools to keep track of all Accounts Receivables and includes an interface for Quick Books™ for Accounts Payables. For Receivables, you can choose to use either Counterman’s Accounts Receivables, or if you prefer to apply aging, you can import Receivables into Quick Books. So Quick Books will handle the Accounts Payable, and Counterman can handle all of your Accounts Receivables. (which allows you to pay bills, print checks, record deposits, reconcile your check book to the bank, run numerous reports. etc.). The receivables area allows you to run statements for any customers who have an account balance. All of the receivable records can be viewed from this area. As for the Quick Books interface, Counterman can create an “IIF” file that is importable into Quick Books. The process will take the daily sales and import into the proper “chart of accounts” in Quick Books. It’s a simple, straight-forward import process that can save you the time it take to manually enter each total into the proper COA’s on a daily basis. Take the headaches out doing your day-to-day accounting by letting Counterman help you, by providing most of the tools it takes to handle this work for you. (Back to top)

Customizable Reports

Whether it's an inventory item, group of items, fast moving items, or just about anything to do with inventory, Counterman can help you to generate the report you are looking for! Maybe it's a customer or mailing list. Or say, you only want a list of customers who have spent over a certain amount of $. Counterman makes it an easy task to run just about any type of report you need to aid you in your business. We accomplish this by the use of "filters". A "filter" uses a specific area in the customer or inventory database and uses, what we call, a "compare-to". The result is (either on a report or on screen) only those things which match the filter condition. Here at Counterman, we understand that "filters" can get rather complicated. That's why we've included many filters with the initial program. More "filters" can be added and we incourage you to call our toll-free technical support line for help on any "filter" not currently in the Counterman program. And always remember that on-line help is available, by holding down the [ALT] key then pressing the [H] key! (Back to top)

Inventory Control

Instantaneous "stock checks" from anywhere within the Counterman program provides you with price comparisons, related parts information, and on-hand balances at the touch of a button! Counterman helps you gain control over your existing inventory with the critical tools necessary for maintaining the required balances on hand, re-order levels, pack-quantities, and pricing. Plus, each and every item in your inventory keeps it's own history information. Information that just about anyone can understand too! Want to know how your profit margin is effected on a particular item? How many have sold? Is this a "seasonal" item? Should you stock it? When was the last time you sold one of these? Counterman puts the answers to these questions and more, right at your fingertips! Let Counterman help put the "fun" back into your business, by relieving much of the stress that comes with inventory worries! Call Counterman for a free demo CD (or register here) to see how easy it is to use! (Back to top)

Part Number Cross-Referencing and Related Part Numbers

Here's an incredible feature that allows instant access to most of the pricing you could ever want! At the touch of a button Counterman provides: Balance on Hand, Cost and Selling Price, Quantity on Order, Order or Received Date, Location of inventoried item, Catalog Page Numbers, and Related Part Numbers and Pricing! Take the guesswork out of selling and ordering the correct item for your customer by utilizing this helpful, one-touch, "Stock Check" screen! Almost everything your parts and service counter people need to know about any particular item (whether you stock it or not) is always just a key-stroke away! Then, if the item is on-hand, you can paste it right to a P.O.S. (Point Of Sale) transaction that is already in progress! Counterman continually strives to make it easier by providing you with the tools you need to get the job done in a timely manner! (Back to top)

Manageable Purchase Orders

This is an area of specialty for Counterman. Should you choose to, Counterman will generate your purchase orders for you! We call it a "Suggested Re-Order List". It is based on the information in the inventory database and uses information on past sales history, minimum/maximum stocking levels, current special orders, and balance on-hand to determine the items and quantities! You then have the opportunity to make any changes you feel are necessary, prior to posting the order. Upon posting, Counterman will generate a unique order number, print the purchase order, and apply all the necessary information to the inventory and special order databases. No more stress over whether something sells or not, or "I thought I ordered that thing already"! Counterman wants to help you by taking the guesswork out of doing your ordering, but still leaves YOU in total control over what is, and what is not ordered! (Back to top)

Now Counterman Pro is 64-bit Compatible!

We are always looking for ways to make you life easier.  As computer systems have grown and gone through tremendous changes, we listen to our customers and the requests they make to continually improve our product.  If you are now using or plan on upgrading to the newest state of the art 64-bit computer systems in order to take advantage of new technologies, relax!   We are there! Just let Technical support know and we can provide you with the correct version.

Our Friendly Technical Support Team is GROWING!!!

We here at Counterman are currently looking for experienced applicants for our Technical Support Team! Anyone who enjoys working with the motorcycle industry, has a strong DOS background, and desires a career in software technical support is encouraged to contact us A.S.A.P. We offer great working conditions, beautiful climate, and a strong beginning salary to qualified individuals! Please fax us your resume!!!

Technical support can be reached at (800) 937-6590. (Back to top)

System Requirements

Single User:
a. Minimum Pentium IV 500MHz (or higher) processor.
b. Windows XP, Vista, or Win - 7 (32 or 64 - bit.) Preferred: Windows 7 (64 - bit)
(in addition, more than 5 - users will require Windows operating system that supports the number of users you are licensed for. I f two or more users, all Windows versions must be the same on all client stations)
c. 2-GB or higher R.A.M. (Preferred: 3-GB or higher)
d. 80gig Hard Drive (Preferred: 200gig or larger). Additional stations do not house any data, so small hard drives can be used at each (client) workstation.
e. Ink Jet or Laser Jet printer (for invoicing and reports) (Preferred: LaserJet, which is faster)
f. Dot Matrix or Thermal Transfer printer for labels (If using barcode: Thermal Transfer only (Preferred: Thermal Transfer, Zebra LP2844 Label Printer)
g. DSL or Cable (high speed internet connection) with Internet access for remote access and on-line price book update access (Preferred: DSL, cable, or other High Speed internet connection)

Multi-User (all of the above, plus):
h. 100 megabit network connection (not wireless)
i. Server drive or folder shared and mapped (with full admin read/write rights). Default drive mapping should be as drive F:\ from client if possible.


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