About Counterman

At Santa Maria Software, Inc.,
We Believe:

1. Running your business should be fun!

2. Your business software should work with the fewest keystrokes while providing you with all the answers to make good decisions.

3. You should be able to process sales quickly with current pricing along with tools to track the customer's purchases.

4. Your sales software should come preloaded with all your vendor pricebooks.

5. Items entered on sales transactions should not require further entries to update histories, status, inventory, locations, etc., keeping you in touch with your inventory dollars.

6. You should be able to save a service job to a template that allows for instant retrieval on future similar jobs giving instant inventory status.

7. Special Orders can be handled in a trouble free, simple way, with instant status updates and systems reminders within any department

8. Inventory data should allow you to easily identify fast or slow moving parts allowing you to stay in touch with your inventory dollars.

9. Your Point of Sale system should allow you to easily provide your customers service reminders.

10. Service Orders should be easy to close out and identify potential problems before they happen.

11. Your business software should grow along with your business helping you better understand exactly what is going on and how to do it better.

12. You will always be interrupted. Therefore your software processes should be simple, quick, and accurate.

13. You should be able to easily plan for seasonal adjustments. You can predict the future by understanding the past.

14. Your receiving process should be quick, simple and trouble-free.

15. You should be able to accurately answer customer's questions about what is in stock, how much the parts cost (and if it fits), all with a minimum amount of keystrokes.

16. Your sales system should include an extensive finance and insurance module allowing you to tap into many profit centers.

We Believe that CountermanPro will provide you with the information and tools to help you make more money, save time resulting in you working less and having more fun!



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