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In this area, we will attempt to answer some of the “generally” Frequently Asked Questions concerning Counterman Pro software and the hardware involved with it’s use. It is important to understand that Counterman is a “Point Of Sale” software and was developed initially for the motorcycle and power sports industry. The issues here deal mostly with the installation and/or setup of the Counterman software only.

What are the minimum requirements for Counterman?

Is this a “Windows Program”?
Yes, Counterman PRO version was released in February 2002 and is written in MS-FoxPro™. The original program, Counterman™ , was developed in DOS over 20 years ago.

Will I need some kind of “network software” to run more than one station?
No, Counterman Pro works fine in any 98, ME, 2000, or XP network environment as long as it’s a 100 Megabit network connection. If a multi-user upon signing up with us, you will receive a Workstation setup CD that does most of the work for you.

My main computer is setup fine and we can use Counterman. Now how do I setup the other stations?
You have two options. One is to go to the Downloads page and Download the client Counterman PRO workstation setup. Or you can install it from the WORKSTATION CD. If you download the client info, save it to some place where you will find it. Once the Download is done, locate the setup file, Double click it and begin the easy Step-By-Step process of the install. If you have a disk and want to install it that way, insert the CD-rom into your CD-tray. The AUTORUN feature should initiate and begin walking you though the setup. If it does not for what ever reason feel free to call our friendly customer support line for assistance.

I ordered my new Counterman PRO system with certain “Price Books”, but when I type in those vendor’s part numbers, it says: “Product Code NOT Found”. Why???
Usually this is because you are not entering the “Product Code” correctly. Sometimes the vendor’s catalogs list part numbers in different format then what they provide to Counterman. Be sure you have entered the correct “Vendor code prefix” in front of the part number (i.e. Tucker Rocky # 08-1266 would be entered as: TR01266). The only exception to this is with Drag Specialties. As Drag uses DS in the part number, you need to also add a DS to it. (I.e. a Drag Specialties number of DS200863 you would need to put DSDS200863) If you are still encountering problems with entering the part number, feel free to give our friendly tech support a phone call.

How many “Price Books” does Counterman PRO support and how much do they cost?
There are over 100 “Price Books” available at no charge to current Counterman customers. These are updated once every two months. For a complete list of available “Price Books” check out our PRICE BOOKS page. Also you can call our Tech support line requesting a Price Book list. We will gladly fax it to you. What you then do is mark all the price books you would like to have in your system then fax it back to us and we will gladly make the necessary changes to get you the new price books to you as soon as possible.

I prefer not to call the Counterman Support Staff for every little question I have. Is there some other way of answering simple questions?
Absolutely!!! We encourage our customers to utilize the “On-Line Help Screens” whenever possible! Just hold down the [ALT] key, then press the letter [H] from just about anywhere in the program, for immediate, on-screen HELP to most Counterman commands and questions!

What does “Index Databases” mean and/or what does it do?
Indexing of Databases puts the information in an order that enables Counterman to access it quickly. As the amount of your data increases, the databases will require indexing. This is a simple process that can be handled from the Utilities Menu. To access this menu, first enter your required dept/emp code. Then click on Main Menu (or alt+M) move to Utilities (2) then Index Databases (1) and click on YES. When the process is done it put you back into the menu screen. You can also do an ‘External Reindex’; this process allows you to index your databases from outside the program (counterman not running) to do this, if you have multiple workstations and a server. Close everyone out of Counterman PRO. Go to the server or standalone workstation. Click on Start. Then programs or all programs depending on your Windows version. Go to Counterman PRO server. In that folder there is ‘External Reindex Databases'. This is a more thorough and complete index of all the Databases. This process is recommended at least once a week if not more to avoid some mirror errors in the software.

I get an error message that says `Error of Data file path \server log entry file can not found.' What can I do to fix this?
This means that your `Workstation' cannot connect to your `Server' computer hosting Counterman Pro. CountermanPro sees one particular computer holding the Data files as the `Server' whether you have one or not. So first thing to do is make sure that computer has power to it and is turned on. Then you should try to `reboot' or restart the computer with the error. That usually fixes the issue. If it does not, please read on. Go to the computer you are getting the error from. Open the `My computer'. Depending on your version of windows you may do this from Start> My computer. Or Open it from the `Desktop'. Once in My Computer, you need to look for something that either says Network Drive F: or `Counterman on "Computer*"' (*Computer will be the name of the `Server') Once the F:\ drive is found. It will most likely have a Red X on it. Double click on it. It should open up and you should see files. If you do. Close it and try reopening Counterman. It should work. If it continues to fail, then you might have a network problem. Feel free to call us here at Counterman. We will be glad to walk you though any of these steps.

Do I need to pay extra for multiple tech support calls or adding additional price books ?
No, Our normal annual licensing fee includes "virtual limitless" technical support. We realize this is your business adyou may have certain times where you would be working late due to emergencies. For this reason, our technical support is available 24/7 at no extra charge. If your desire is to add more vendords, there is no additional charges for adding any of the available price books.

What type of training is available?
We would be more than happy to come to your site for a scheduled training. Cost vary with transportation distance and number of days training is scheduleded. If you wish to come to the sunny
central coast of California, we will provide training for free (with prior arrangements).

Do you support bar code scanning and electronic cash drawers?
The ability to read bar codes is built into the software. Any questions cerning particalur brand of bar code scanners or electronic cash drawers should be forwarded to our technical support personnel.

Why do we recommend capturing all customer's data instead of typing up a "Cash Sale" ?
Once a customers data is captured, you can easily see their purchases, year to date, or most recent purchase. Capturing customers names allows one to "personalize" the customer relationship, allowing you to send out emails to specific types of customers.



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